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Antique Store Shop with Us: Bay City, Michigan Antique Mall Review

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Bay City, MI Antique Center Shop with Us!

In this article, you will be visiting the Bay City, MI Antique Center with us and getting an inside look, our first-hand thoughts and overall experience. After reading this, you will have a better understanding of the antique mall and what to expect if you decide to make a visit.

What is the Bay City Antique Center?

This antique mall is located in the historic Campbell House Hotel building in downtown Bay City, Michigan. The antique center boasts 3 stories and 60,000 sf of antique real estate.

This antique center is known for its large collection of European imports, primitives, pine furniture, chocolate molds and architectural salvage, just to name a few!

Overview of a huge room full of antique primitives.
Overview of a primitives booth at the Bay City, MI Antique Mall.

Where is it Located?

The address of the Bay City, Michigan Antique Center is 1020 N. Water St, Bay City, MI 48708. It is situated in an historic building that spans multiple blocks in downtown Bay City. You can shop at the antique center 7 days a week and easily find free parking in front and behind the building.

What Type of Antiques Does Bay City Antique Center Have?

You can expect to see an abundance of beautifully patina’d antique baker’s racks, cutting boards and unique European imports from antique cookie molds to French bakery baguette boards and more!

Antique baker's rack with primitive antique bowls and other decor items on and around it.

There is also a huge selection of primitive decor pieces such as gorgeously tarnished copper pots, hanging shelves, bread bowls, stoneware pottery and so much more.

On the second floor of the center, there is even more to behold! Such as, an enormous selection of antique salvage from historical buildings all around the world. If you are looking for a beautiful old door or chippy columns, this is a great place to source it.

Our Shopping Experience Plus Tips

P.S. You can watch our Bay City antiquing adventure by clicking this link (or let the video play above).

We have been to the Bay City Antique Center twice now, both times have been enjoyable. One thing to note is that the mall has a few distinct sections.

If you enter from the main entrance of the building and turn to your right, you will discover antique booths that more so resemble a flea market type of shopping experience. To me, this looks less like rare antique pieces and more like run of the mill home decor items that you might find at a thrift store or estate sale.

Personally, I still enjoy digging through this section of the center because it feels more like you might find that one treasure piece at a really good price. As an example, I found a red toile tray for $8.00 that was originally from Hobby Lobby many years ago.

However, if you’re visiting in order to find that one rare antique piece to start or make your collection, you will want to turn to your left instead. 

You will instantly know when you arrive in this part of the center because the merchandise changes drastically. You will be surrounded by unique, rare and stunningly beautiful antiques everywhere you look.

By far, this is our main reason for visiting the Bay City, MI Antique Center.

What we Bought at the Bay City Antique Center

On my first trip to the antique mall I had a specific antique piece in mind. You see, I had been dreaming of owning an antique baker’s rack for quite some time. They are usually hard to find in our area and when you do come across them, they are very expensive.

However, as I said earlier, Bay City is loaded with gorgeous antique racks of all eras, shapes and sizes! I knew this was the time and place to finally invest in my dream piece.

I found my antique baker’s rack in one of the largest primitive booths located in our favorite section of the center.

Distant capture of a dining room full of antique decor pieces, including a baker's rack full of white ironstone.
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During that trip, I also found a red toile tray.

The second time I visited Bay City, my mom found herself a baker’s rack! I’m telling you, this is the place to get them at fair prices. I left pretty light-handed with only a small English stoneware potter piece.

A small shelf with vintage English stoneware jars.

You can find Dundee jars and other vintage stoneware pieces just like the ones in the photo on Etsy! 

Final Thoughts on the Bay City Antique Mall

Overall, I would definitely recommend this antique center. Some may say the prices seem high, but in my experience, they seem to be fair for the region and according to the quality of the items.

At the Bay City Antique Center, you can expect to find many amazing primitive pieces, European imports, architectural salvage, many unique and rare antique collectibles.

If you choose to visit the antique center, give yourself a few hours to fully explore this massive compound. Overall, we highly recommend this facility for any and all antique and vintage lovers.

Watch Us Shop at the Bay City Antique Mall, Click Here! 

Bay City, MI Antique Center Review

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