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DIY Mirror Effect: How to do Aged Mirror Effect (Tutorial)

Mirror effect spray paint being sprayed onto glass with a black frame.

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Easy Aged Mirror Effect on Glass Tutorial

This DIY mirror effect tutorial is such a cool way to upcyle any thrifted framed art you are no longer loving. Sometimes, you find an amazing frame, but the print inside is not your cup of tea.

This easy mirror effect spray paint effect will breathe new life into that piece and you’ll be proud to hang it anywhere in your home!

What is Mirror Effect Paint?

Mirror effect spray paint can be found on many hardware store shelves and online, like here at Amazon. It is a spray paint formula that creates a very convincing mirrored look to any glass-like surface.

I was very impressed by how reflective this glass effect paint is.  Yes, you can see yourself in it just like a real mirror!

Once applied, it dries extremely fast. Which is an added bonus for those of us who get impatient/excited to style our new DIY projects in our home.

Mirrored old door leaning up against a corner. Word overlay that reads "DIY mirror effect (step by step)"

How to Use Mirror Effect Spray Paint Step by Step

Step 1:

The first thing you want to do is clean your surface thoroughly. I would recommend using a glass cleaner that does not leave streaks. Also make sure to use a lint-free rag when wiping the project down. The goal is to have a debris and streak free glass surface.

Step 2:

Tape off any areas you do not want paint on. Keep in mind, you will be applying the paint to the back of the glass. This information will might change how you approach protecting the piece.

Step 3:

Mirror effect spray paint being sprayed onto an old glass door with black frame.

On the back side of your glass, apply a thin coat of the mirror effect spray paint. Allow it to dry fully and then apply another coat.

Step 4:

Old glass door lying on the ground with black matte spray paint on the back.

Once everything is dry, apply a couple layers of black matte spray paint over the mirror effect (still working on the back side of the piece). This will help your mirror effect spray paint to look more opaque.

How to Make it Look Aged

Alternatively, you can also make your mirror look aged. You do this as follows:

Old glass door lying on the ground and droplets shown bing flicked onto it with fingers.
Lightly sprinkle some white vinegar over the fully dry mirror effect spray painted surface.
A rag is wiping up vinegar droplets on the back of a glass door with mirror effect spray paint on it.
Allow these droplets to sit for a few minutes and then use a soft lint-free rag to dab the droplets away. Try not to rub.

Repeat this process a few more times. Apply the black matte spray paint on the back of the project.

Mirror effect spray paint on glass after vinegar is applied shown small black dots where it was removed.
The vinegar eats away at the mirror effect spray paint and leaves authentic looking age spots you typically see on antique mirrors.

Do’s and Don’ts with Mirror Effect Spray Paint

After experimenting with this technique, I learned a few things that I would do differently.

Don’t Wipe

When aging your mirror effect paint, don’t wipe at the vinegar. Anything you do on the mirror effect spray paint will show through. This also includes the type of rag you use. If the rag has any texture, you will see it on the finished product.

Do Layer

Light layers of the mirror effect spray paint works best. Let one coat dry completely (this product dries fast).

Don’t Allow Drip

This product drips very easily. To avoid this, make sure your project is lying flat and keep the nozzle of the spray paint can clean otherwise it will drip onto your project.

Summary of DIY Mirror Effect Tutorial

This DIY mirror effect tutorial shows you how easy and quick it is to turn any glass surface into a mirror. Using the mirror effect spray paint by Rustoleum and following the steps laid out in this article you can achieve this look.

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