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Best Fall Decor Items to Buy in Thrift Stores

A grapevine basket stuffed with pumpkins and gourds.

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Thrift Store Fall Decorating Ideas

Just because you love to decorate for the fall season, doesn’t mean you have to break the bank buying all new decor pieces every year. There are plenty of thrifted items at bargain prices to be picked. Let’s look at some of those fall decor pieces you can look out for next time you go thrifting!


Fall painting in a tall rectangular frame sitting next to a pumpkin.

One thing in abundance at thrift stores is frames and framed art! Almost everytime I visit a thrift store, I leave with a frame in some capacity.

The one you see above, I found at Goodwill and it inspired most of my fall decor this year.

Floating frames and framed art are great options for thrifted fall decor because they are usually pretty cheap and they add texture and color to any space in your home.

Look for framed art that has a fall themed print. Or, floating frames that are rich in those fall colors, such as golds and stained wood. If you’re on the look out for some autumn artwork for your home, I am swooning over this piece I found on Etsy.


Instantly download, print and place in a cute thrifted frame!

4 fall scene prints.


A fall lit candle sitting inside of a copper mold.

Copper is another fantastic fall decor item that you can easily find at thrift stores. The copper jelly mold above was 1 of 2 peices of copper I have picked up recently to add a little of that gorgeous metallic orange color to my home for fall.

I used this copper piece as a candle holder and I think the unexpected use of it is super fun, but the reason I was drawn to this particular piece is because it reminded me of a pumpkin!

If you aren’t having good luck finding similar copper peices for your home, here’s a similar one to mine at Amazon and p.s. I like it even more!


A basket full of pumpkins and gourds.

Baskets are a home decor staple and it’s almost impossible not to find one when out thrifting. The basket you see above was a recent thrift score find of mine. I loved the whimsical shape of the handle, it lends itself perfectly for fall.

Stuff your thrifted basket with pumpkins or gourds and you have the perfect thrifted fall decor item! Here’s a similar basket to mine I found at Etsy.

Vintage Tins

Golden wheat vintage tin holding wooden utensils.

Adding a pop of fall color to your kitchen is easy with a vintage tin like the one above. The color and print on this tin just screamed fall to me, and it works perfectly.

Here are some similar vintage tins with apple prints I found on Etsy that would add a great pop of fall to your kitchen.

Fall Shapes

Leaf candle holders with white pumpkins on top.

When you look for thrifted fall decor, it doesn’t have to just be for the color. Take for example these leaf candlestick holders. They are not your traditional fall decor item, but the shape of them lends themselves beautifully to the season.

As you can see, I added some pumpkin stems on top instead of candles, get creative with your thrifted decor!

Just take look through this Etsy search to get ideas of how you can incorporate fall shaped into your home with thrifted items.

Vintage Books

A couple of vintage books resting in between two crocks.

Books are a great way to add fall color and interest to your seasonal home decor. I love vintage books personally because they have so much weathered character.

For fall, I try to search for books with those quintessential fall colors, like deep Burgundy. You can place a book or a stack of them almost anywhere in your home decor and they instantly add a pop of color.

If you want a head start on your vintage books collection, check out these home decor ones I found at Etsy, they are even the perfect colors for fall!


A large gold frame with writing on the glass that says "give thanks."

Signs are always a great fall decor addition to your home. Many things can be turned into a sign. As an example, this gold frame I found at a flea market for free!

Look for framed art that can be painted with chalkboard paint or a glass frame like the one I found and use a chalk marker to create your fall saying.


A crock with a white pumpkin sitting inside.

Cool vintage crocks are a little harder to come by at thrifted prices, but they are the perfect vessel for some fall foliage, or a pumpkin! If you have a hard time finding an authentic crock, let me share a little secret with you… The one you’re looking at in the photo above is a dupe.

Would you have ever known?! If you can find pottery in the shape of a vintage crock, just paint it like I did!

I used a chalk paint in an oatmeal color and then sealed it with a gloss top coat. I then freehanded the number 2 with a paint pen. Sometimes, we just need to reimagine what we already have!

Amber Glass

Amber bottles sitting on a stump.

Amber glass adds the perfect fall hue to your home decor. It’s also a pretty easy item to find at thrift stores. The addition of a few amber glasses to your home instantly screams autumn.

Look for it in all shapes and sizes and get creative where you place it. As an example, I have seen people place miniature amber bottles on display in a those small table top cabinets with drawers

Wooden Bowls and Trays

Stained wooden tray with a pumpkin and sign on top.

Wood always warms up a space! Look for wood trays, bowls, candle holders etc. when you’re out thrifting for your fall decorations.

I love this narrow wooden tray Amazon carries, just incase you don’t find what you’re looking for out there in thrift land!

Primitive Fall Decorations

2 pumpkin face wooden figures sitting in a vintage bicycle basket.

This fall thrift store decorations idea is a little more straight forward. However, it’s easy to pass by something like these worn fall decor items. Just remember, primitive decor is very on trend right now and can add a lot of charm to your home.

I found these two pumpkin figures in a barn at an estate sale for .25 cents each and I love them!

Seasonal Faux Fruit

Faux fruit hanging in a copper wire basket.

Artificial fruit, such as pears and pomegranates and even artichokes are a great thrift store item to look for when decorating for fall. They add those beautiful rich autumn colors to your home and they can be placed almost anywhere!

I placed mine in a hanging wire basket in my dining room.


Lantern with a candle inside.

I love lanterns for all seasons, but especially for fall! They look great on a porch full of pumpkins or in your home. The one you see in the photo was one I found at a yard sale.

I gave it a little makeover with some white chalk paint and now it sits in this cool little wall cut-out with a fall scented candle inside.


Up close photo of rustic grape vine garland on top of a fall decorated hutch.

Rustic garland is a great thrifted item to start hunting for when decorating your home for fall. I found this grape vine garland at a thrift store and placed it on top of my fall decorated hutch.

Candle Holders

Photo of a sofa table topped with dried gourds and tall farmhouse candleholders.

Anything candle related is a great decor option for fall decorating! Look for unique candle holders at the thrift store and remember, you can always paint anything!

In fact, the candle holders you see above were originally a dingy yellow and I just dry-brushed some white chalk paint (this is my favorite white chalk paint) on them…

Whole new look!

You can also find farmhouse candle holders at Amazon, like these!

Last Look

I hope you found loads of thrifted fall decorating ideas with these 15 items to look for at the thrift store!

Remember to look for items with those warm autumn hues, like copper and amber glass. Look for fall-inspired shapes like candlesticks.or dishes in the shape of leaves or pumpkin dishes.

Don’t be afraid to buy something for your fall decor at a thrift store because it’s not the right color, you can paint anything! When looking for fall decor at a thrift store, think of texture, warm wood tones and an unexpected primitive halloween decor pieces.

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