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8 Fall Decor for Top of Hutch Ideas with Pictures

How to decorate the top of a hutch for fall.

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How to Decorate the Top of a Hutch for Fall

A hutch is a piece of furniture that makes a statement. It is also one of the most fun things to decorate in your home! Each season gives you a reason to challenge your decor sense and try something new!

Today, you’re going to get some tips and LOTS of inspiration on how to decorate your hutch for fall. Specifically, the top of your hutch. I’ll show you exactly what you need to duplicate the fall hutch look you love the most!

The top of a hutch decorated with fall decor like pumpkin, leaves and a basket.

1. The Rustic Fall Hutch

The first fall decorated hutch I want to inspire you with is mine! Now let me give you some tips and what you’ll need to pull off a similar rustic look with yours.

Start with some rustic garland, such as this primitive set at Amazon. Spread it around and make sure it looks like it is naturally reaching out in different directions.

Next, I placed an old and forgotten drawer that I found in my basement on the top of my hutch. Something like this I found at Amazon will give you the same look and feel.

Begin layering in some of that gorgeous autumn color with some artificial fall leaves, such as this highly rated garland Amazon carries.

For added height, place a whimsical, rustic basket on top of your drawer. This vintage twig basket I found at Etsy would be a perfect dupe to the one I thrifted. Now you have the perfect vessel to stuff with cute pumpkins!

Personally, I don’t think you can ever have too many white pumpkins and these very realistic looking ones I found at Amazon are a must-have for your fall hutch decor!

Lastly, all you need is a fall sign to place in the background. You have to see these amazing fall signs at Etsy, I want them ALL!


A gray hutch with beachy fall decor on the top.

Photo source: Pinterst.com

2. Neutral Fall Hutch

This aesthetic is so soothing! If you have a neutral color palette in your home or a beach house, this idea for your fall hutch decor would be gorgeous!

Let’s see how I can help you pull it off, ready to shop?!

First, you must find this twiggy cotton wreath because that is the main decor element that pulls this neutral fall hutch off. I think this one at Amazon is a great dupe and it’s priced to sell!

Next, grab yourself a tall coastal vase like the one in the inspiration photo, this one is my choice!

White pumpkins, my personal favorite! If you need more in larger sizes, find them here at Amazon. 

You can never have too many distressed farmhouse white candlesticks, here’s one to help you pull off this look. I love how she used raw edge wood slices to place her pumpkin on. If you don’t fancy yourself as a lumberjack, you can pick up the same natural wood pieces at Amazon.

To complete this neutral fall look for the top of your hutch, throw in some pinecones and cotton branches.

White open shelf hutch with various faux pumpkins on top and an orange "give thanks" sign.

Photo Source: Pinterst.com

3. Classic Fall Hutch

This visually appealing hutch decor is everything I want to see for fall! The overall composition is simple, but it works and that pop of orange is exactly what it needed!

If you have an open shelf hutch, I hope this inspires you! I think what works so well here is that she started with a white canvas and layered autumn color in with a few thoughtful fall decor pieces.

Let me see if I can find you similar items to recreate this fall hutch look at your house!

The woven pumpkins give this look so much texture and you can grab some just like the ones in the picture at Amazon. I also love the twig pumpkins, here they are!

Fall decorated hutch with a plaid throw on top and a chalkboard with pumpkins.

Photo Source: Pinterst.com

4. Custom Fall Hutch Decor

Are you a tad artistic and like to add something custom and unique to your home decor? This fall hutch decor caught my eye instantly because of the one-of-a-kind chalk art pumpkins sign! In fact, I’m already thinking of what I have at home to recreate this genius idea!

If you like to do-it-yourself like me, having some chalkboard paint in your arts and crafts stash is a must! However, maybe you’re not an artsy person, but you love this look. Well, you’re in luck because I found a beautiful dupe for this chalkboard pumpkin sign at Etsy!

Also, how original is the placement of this plaid fall blanket? I honestly would not have thought to put that on the top of my hutch, but it works!

I’m also loving the rich color and texture these velvet pumpkins give to this fall hutch decor.


Blue hutch with a lot of fall florals on top.

5. Just Fall Florals

The top of this fall decorated hutch may not be everyones cup of tea, but I still think it’s inspiring! I actually think this would be a fun challenge to not spend any money on your fall hutch decor.

Could you imagine how fun it would be rummaging through a forest beaming with fall colors to pick out the decor for the top of your hutch?

I’m in!

Sometimes, keeping it simple and using what nature gives us is just as impressive.

White hutch decorated with white pumpkins and fall florals on top.

Photo Source: Pinterst.com

6. Simple Top of Hutch Fall Decor

The simplicity of this primitive fall hutch look is what drew me to it. Anyone can do this to the top of their hutch and it would look magazine worthy.

To duplicate this in your own home, simply get yourself a few real white pumpkins or these life-like ones at Amazon. 

Head outside again and pick up some branches with fall leaves still attached. Can’t get your hands on any real ones? Let me help you out! Here are some good options Amazon carries.

Lastly, place a timeless farmhouse sign in the background.

A fall styled hutch in the dining room with large orange pumpkins on top.

Photo Source: Pinterst.com

7. Dining Room Hutch for Fall

How do you decorate a dining room hutch for fall? Well, like this! The options are endless, but I love the minimalist approach they took on this fall hutch decor.

Got pumpkins?

Top of hutch decorating ideas pictures of fall decor.

Photo Source: Pinterst.com

8. Whimsical Top of Hutch Fall Decor

Last but not least! This fall hutch’s adorable whimsical decor. Maybe you like a little bit of everything when it comes to decorating for the seasons… no problem!

Take inspiration from how this hutch was decorated for fall. You can do a little bit of everything as long as the composition is visually pleasing and the decor pieces tell a conducive story.

I personally really love the crow and if you want one in your fall decor collection, find some here! 

The deep red artificial fall leaves garland adds just the right amount of fall color to compliment the pumpkins. You can find that garland with this link.

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