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Front Porch Decorating Ideas: French Country Vintage & DIY Flower Pots!

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Spring/Summer Porch Decorating Ideas in a French Country Vintage Style

If you’re looking for loads of charming inspiration for your front porch decor this spring, look no further!

In this post, you will see how I decorated my historic home’s front porch in a French country vintage decor style using thrifted finds and DIY projects.

You will also be able to easily shop from this post to get the same look I did for your outdoor space!

DIY Flower Pots

White flower pot with a French label on the front.

As I do with all my home decor, I wanted to add my own spin on some of the decor for my vintage French country porch!

The best and easiest way to do this was by DIY-ing some generic flower pots and turning them into one-of-a-kind decor pieces!

You can do this too!

The flower pot above was painted with some chalk paint in my favorite cottage white color. After that dried, I used an Iron Orchid Designs crockery stamp to create this vintage label.

You can also use a matte seal coat overtop of everything just to ensure the finish holds up for a long time!

Thrifted Vintage Garden Decor

A vintage plant stand with garden items on the shelfs.

There are a few things in the above photo I want you to pull inspiration from for your vintage French country porch decor.

The first one being this vintage wire shelf I found at an estate sale for $3!

It is the perfect piece for displaying some of my additional garden decor.

Everything on the shelf was also thrifted and flipped, minus the watering can (more on that next)!

The watering can is an inexpensive plastic can I found at Menards. To give it a vintage French look, I spray painted it white and sealed it good with this clear matte enamel.

Next, I again dug into my  Iron Orchid Designs stash and used a “traditional pots” transfer label in blue. 

Over top of everything, I applied some antiquing wax to give it that aged vintage appeal. Wow, I love it and it has been holding up great with regular use!

Vintage French Planters

Concrete head planter with ivy draping out over the sides.

I am in love with this vintage, concrete head planter I came across at a yard sale!

If you can find old world inspired pieces like this to use in your porch decor, they really do add so much unique vintage charm!

The ivy spilling over the sides is the perfect touch, don’t you think?!

I realize this item isn’t something you can just come across on the daily, here is a similar one I found at Amazon!

Vintage Plant Stands

3 tiered iron plant stand holding a begonia in a white flower pot.

Another porch decorating idea is to use vintage plant stands, like this 3 tiered iron stand I scored for free from a friend!

These iron plant stands are nice to use on porches or patios because they can be tucked into empty corners for some immediate interest and charm!

Here is a similar one I found at Amazon of the vintage version!

White tall stool holding a large flowering plant.

Another plant stand option for your vintage porch is a simple stool! I come across stools all of the time at thrift stores, yard sales and antique stores.

Stools of all different heights make wonderful plant stands inside and outside of the home. 

They can easily be painted any color you need and are very versatile.

Faux Concrete Decor

Faux concrete bird porch decor.

I love the look of aged concrete in French country decor!

Which is why I wanted to bring some of that look onto my summer porch this year.

To achieve this look, I found some decor pieces I already had and used a faux concrete paint technique.

Here is how you create faux concrete using paint:

  • Mix equal parts chalk or acrylic paint (use a medium warm gray color) with baking soda.
  • Apply the faux concrete paint mixture to your item (2 coats if necessary).
  • Once dry, apply a white wax all over the piece. Wipe away excess wax with a clean dry rag.

Here is the light gray paint I like to use for this faux concrete method and this is the white wax I use. 

You can also shop my DIY project tools and home decor from my Amazon store front.

DIY French Country Decorations

Lantern resting upon a candlestick.

I still had some spots on my porch that needed a little pop of decor, but I didn’t want to buy anything new. More than likely, we all have pieces that can come together to make something “new”.

I did just that with this thrifted candlestick and lantern you see in the photo above.

The 2 pieces together make the cutest French country decor for my porch! You could even place a flameless candle inside. 

White flat basket behind a plant.

Another pop of decor I did a little DIY-ing to is this thrifted flat basket. All it needed was some white spray paint! I love the contrast of the white against the deep red brick.

The plant is also sitting upon a thrifted metal planter.

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