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3 Simple Fall Decor Staples that are Timeless and How to Store Them!

Glowing candles on top of a fireplace mantle at night.

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Fall Decor that will Never go Out of Style!

Fall is right up there with Christmas as my top favorite seasons to decorate for! I love the cozy atmosphere fall decorations bring into an environment.

In this article, you will learn of ways you can bring fall into your home year after year with timeless fall decor that NEVER goes out of style. Meaning, these fall decor items will work with your changing aesthetic year after year!

1. Faux Pumpkins

The first fall decor pieces I love to use year after year are faux pumpkins!

Pumpkins are a quintessential fall decor item. Who doesn’t love pumpkins?!

No matter how much your style changes year after year, pumpkins NEVER go out of style for fall. With that said, here is your permission slip to go ahead and invest in some really nice faux pumpkins!

I absolutely love these faux pumpkins, they are the most realistic looking I have found and the prices are very reasonable! Let me show you my favorites, click the images to shop!

White faux Pumpkin sitting on a bed of fall florals.
8″ Full Moon Pumpkin at The Nested Fig
Nubby green faux pumpkin with long twisted stem.
7″ Hybrid Green Pumpkin at The Nested Fig
Three white realistic looking faux pumpkins.
Off-White Faux Pumpkins at The Nested Fig
Small green nubby faux pumpkin.
7″ Hybrid Green Pumpkin at The Nested Fig
Six pastel colored faux French pumpkins sitting in front of old windows outside on a ledge.
Set of 6 French Pumpkins at The Nested Fig

2. Flameless Candles

Candles are for enjoying all year long. However, there is just something extra cozy about the glow of candlelight during the chilly fall season.

I especially love flameless candles because you can (without worry) pop them into cloches, crocks, pumpkins and anywhere your creative mind can think up!

It took me along time and a lot of unnecessary purchases before I found the BEST flameless candles. These remote control flameless candles I’m about to show you in my home are my favorite!

For one, they give off the most gorgeous soft white glow that is very realistic looking. I much prefer a soft white glow to a harsh orange glow, which is what I kept getting until I found these at Amazon!

Click the images to shop!

White pillar candles in the daylight on top of a fireplace mantle next to vintage mirror and chippy post spindles.
Linked in this photo are the flat top flameless pillar candles.
Glowing flameless pillar candles on top of a fireplace mantle in a dark room at night.
Linked in this photo are the melted top flameless pillar candles.

Pssst… If you are looking for flameless tapered candles, check these out! 

3. Faux Fall Stems

Decorating for fall with natural elements will always be timeless. After all, nature never goes out of style!

Faux stems and picks that are based off of realistic foliage you would find during the fall months are an ideal way to decorate for fall without being too trendy.

Now, I must make sure to mention that I’m not recommending the picks you find that are covered in glitter and loaded with 10 different elements. Those stems are very trendy and chances are, you may not want to use them year after year as your go-to staple fall decor.

Below are some great staple faux sprays for fall!

Two wheat grass sprays for fall.
Wheat grass sprays at The Nested Fig.


Oak leaf spray lying on a white wood floor.
Oak leaf spray at The Nested Fig.
Maple leaf spray.
Maple leaf spray at The Nested Fig.

Best way to Store Your Fall Decor

Nope, I am not about to suggest you get clear tubs to store your fall decor in. This storage solution is one of my best Amazon finds in a long time and it has been a game changer for storing all of my seasonal decor!

If you’re like me, you stash your holiday decor in either an attic 2-3 flights of stairs away. Or, in a basement with a narrow walk-way back to where your decor needs to end up.

Storage bins are practical and pretty much all we’ve ever known. Until, I found these heavy-duty storage bags at Amazon.

Not only are they are SO much easier to transport up and down stairways, they are much easier to store. They come in handy for all sorts of uses, especially if you’re moving.

I hope you give them a try!

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3 Simple and Timeless Fall Decor Staples

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